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Our Approach

At Budding Family Tree we focus on creating a positive space to support women through the struggles of relationships, marriage, infertility, adoption, parenthood and career as it can all be so hard and really lonely. We realize the difficulties that come from the pressure we put on ourselves, the pressure from family and friends; never mind what the general public and social media says.

     Kristine Collins, Owner and Coach

I have experienced a life that has ebbed and flowed, twisted and turned, and has even dropped to lower than low a time or two or five. Whatever the situation was I always saw the light and worked my way up and out following my positive heart.

I want to share not only my experiences,  but what I have learned from the experiences of others.  I want to offer a positive space for you to ask questions and gain insights from people who have been where you are.

    My Story

My finance (now husband) and I moved from Massachusetts to Arizona in September 2005, married the man of my dreams in October 2005, decided to start a family in 2007. Well, becoming parents was not as easy as planned; lots and lots of tests, infertility treatments (pills and injections) followed  by the decision to build our family through domestic adoption which were finalized in 2011 and 2013. While all of this was happening family relocated to Arizona and we were both growing in our respective careers.

We are now maneuvering our transracial family through the joys (that aren't so joyful a lot of the time) of parenting two children, attempting to keep our relationship the priority, maintaining relationships with family and friends near and far and working corporate careers. All the while I am fulfilling my dream of helping women through situations that this life can bring upon us.

Through all of this I learned a menagerie of lessons I feel would help many.

Next Steps...

Contact us today to set up a free "get to know you" session.  We will talk through your situation(s), thoughts and feelings.