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Complimentary "getting to know each other" session. 30 minutes

Let's connect so you can hear a bit about us and we can learn where you are in the process.  Together we can determine a good strategy to move you forward. Talk to you soon!

15 min connect! $30

Need support quickly...  Say you have been asked to show your portfolio to a difficult situation or you have your first potential birthmother meeting? These scenarios often are emotionally charged.  Are you ready?  Do you want to hear another perspective?

1 hr Consultation $110/HR

Your consultations are customized to your needs.  Let's delve into where you are in the process and how to best move you forward to your forever family.  We can discuss a strategy during your 30 minute "getting to know each other" session.  Example discussion topics:  What path of adoption is best for you?  Expectations of trans-racial adoption?  Comfort level with possible drug exposure?  

1hr Family/Friends Consultation $150

This consultation is designed to accommodate up to four, family and friends that wish to support you through the adoption journey but just don't know how.

Why US?

Experienced - We have successfully adopted children through domestic private/agency which included bumps, humps and mountains to overcome along the way.

Trustworthy – We vow to keep your information, thoughts and concerns confidential without judgement.

Honest - We have experienced many of the difficulties of adoption and will share our true thoughts/experiences.

Passionate - Building a family through adoption was the most fulfilling part of our lives. We have been called to dedicate our lives to helping others achieve the same.

Sincere - I understand the concerns, fears, troubles, and decisions that are involved.

Authentic – Every story in unique. Our hearts are big and our high regard for human nature is useful.

Perceptive, intuitive - We have the ability to connect very quickly and thrive when interacting with people.

Positive – We are "glass is half full" people. Adoption can be a difficult process but ultimately ends with a family.

Humble – We have felt the heartache, pain and complete elation of the adoption process more than once. These experiences leave a mark that one will never forget.

Reliable – We will be readily available to you along your adoption journey.

What we offer

We will share best practices from real life experience. (How we did it/successes/ lessons learned)

We will ask prompting questions to you to help navigate through the thought process for important decision making (Path direction, race openness, drug exposure). Again, coming from someone who had to make these difficult and life altering decision.

We offer guidance to you from a neutral party not affiliated with any particular path or agency. We won’t try to steer you in a certain direction. Our only goal is you finding the child meant for you.

We offer an ear and/or shoulder to you from someone who “gets it”. Loved ones can be ignorant to the process and can say insensitive remarks, even when they mean well. Support from other recipients of these comments can help dilute the impact on your psyche.

We can prepare you for certain scenarios / emotions that may surface throughout the process and beyond!